Go Figure – Joynt’s Apology Fest to Real Housewife is Raining Reaction


Real Housewives can threaten to sue D.C. bloggers like Carol Joynt, but it’ll only drive their website traffic. Since yesterday, when Joynt released a 13-apology letter in response to Lynda Erkiletian threatening to sue for jokes Joynt made about the housewife’s modeling agency, Joynt’s traffic has flourished. Readers clamored for Joynt to re-post the offending post that she has since taken down.

After consulting lawyers, Joynt opted today not to re-post it. Joynt told FishbowlDC, “Despite many demands I opted not to re-post, preferring to move on to more meaningful business, like a book deadline of September 1. That’s reality.”

Joynt has a memoir from Crown Publishers due out next year called, Innocent Spouse. In the meantime, Joynt’s Facebook page is still eliciting terribly funny comments from readers in regards to the Real Mean Snake of a Housewife.

On her Facebook page, Joynt wrote, rather apologetically (of course): “I will no longer make humor out of RHODC. I will view all future programs as serious broadcasts.”

One friend remarked: “I apologize for reading this post.”
Another added, “I apologize for owning a TV.”
And still another offered emotional support: “I threw up a little in my mouth when I read this, as you probably did, too, while writing it. Good heavens, aren’t we all so tired of humor-free people? Hang in there, Carol.”