Q2: Facebook remains dominant in social logins, gains in travel and hospitality


Gigya, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, released its 2014 Q2 numbers today showing again that Facebook rules social logins from April through June with 55 percent overall.

Facebook made major gains within travel and hospitality web properties during the quarter, broaching 70 percent for the first time in a year, up from 57 percent in Q2 2013.

Victor White, director of marketing communications at Gigya, told Inside Facebook:

Facebook has increased its share of social logins on travel and hospitality websites by 13 percent over the last year, at the same time Google logins fell by 8 percent. Social login reduces the barriers to registering and logging into websites, allowing users to authenticate their identities using a preferred social network account. It also provides businesses with rich permission-based identity data, allowing companies to personalize their marketing campaigns and treat each user as an individual. A streamlined registration and login process is great for users looking to book holidays, events and days out, providing a simple and easy to use service.

Facebook’s lead on mobile dropped to 64 percent from 68 percent in the same quarter in 2013, but still dominates as the primary mobile login. Google comes in a far second with 25 percent.

Here’s a further breakdown of Facebook’s rank:

  • Facebook still controls eCommerce with 75 percent of social logins;
  • In Media and Publishing, Facebook grew to 49 percent of logins;
  • Facebook remained steady for Consumer Brands at 67 percent; and
  • Education is still ruled by Facebook with 79 percent of social logins.

In North America, Facebook still holds 53 percent of logins, holding on for the second straight quarter. Around the world, Facebook continues become the preferred login:

  • In Europe, Facebook passed 60 percent of all logins for the first time, hitting 62 percent;
  • In Central and South America, Facebook logins hit 82 percent;
  • In Africa/Middle East, Facebook increased 4 percent to 82 percent; and
  • In Asia/Pacific, Facebook has seen decreases over the past two quarters, but still sits on 78 percent of all logins.

Social Login Data_Q2 2014_Gigya