Getting Literary With Ms. Huffington

170ari.jpgThe New York Observer reports that October 5th will be a big day for Arianna Huffington. Arianna will be launching her own book club, and The Huffington Post will be debuting a new books section in partnership with The New York Review of Books:

The site’s newly minted editor, Amy Hertz, a Penguin editor at large under their Dutton division, will have to balance the fortnightly magazine’s 5,000-word essays and thoughtful articles based on multiple publications with book reviews written by HuffPo readers, HuffPo co-founder editor in chief Ms. Huffington confirmed with the Observer.

The article reports that Arianna is still deciding between three of her favorites for the book club’s first selection. It also goes on to make the obligitory Oprah Winfrey reference – as does every other article we’ve seen on the subject. Why must another powerful woman promoting a public interest in literature through a book club be reduced to a catfight?