Get A Job At One Of Journalism’s Oldest And Most Respected Institutions

Who are we kidding? Those outfits aren’t really hiring.

But Hunter Walker (formerly a blogger with and many other places) reports that somebody is hiring…and it’s

Harvey Levin, founder and boss, spoke at Columbia School of Journalism yesterday about the success of the site. Walker writes:

It’s admirable that Levin has found a way to make a profitable newsroom, but it’s beyond depressing that one of the few viable futures for professional journalism involves obsessive coverage of drugged-out starlets and endless Octomom updates.

Apparently after Levin’s speech, he was “mobbed” by j-school students with resumes in hand.

Walker again: “The stereotype of j-school students is that we all enroll with visions of writing ponderous Pulitzer-bait features and breaking Watergate-sized scoops, but in today’s job market, it seems like a lot of us would be content writing about reality TV stars.”

“A” for initiative, at least.