Radio Host George Noory Crashes Cancer Author’s Website

Ahead of last night’s three-hour block with Coast to Coast AM radio show host George Noory, author Ty Bollinger (Cancer: Step Outside the Box) warned his web hosting company that there might be a spike in traffic at because of of his appearance on the popular program. The hosting company assured Bollinger they could handle it.

Sure enough, not long into the first hour of the author’s discourse on LA based Noory’s widely syndicated show, inbound hits to from interested listeners took out the site. At press time, the URL is still down.

Bollinger is an extremely articulate and compelling advocate for alternative cancer treatments. The former CPA’s constantly revised 2006 tome, the product of many years of diligent Internet-fueled research, has sold a large number of copies and he continues to speak out against what he perceives to be the conspiratorial elements of the conventional cancer treatment industries.

Meanwhile, over at Amazon, Bollinger’s footprint is equally impressive. Out of a total of 339 reader critiques, 316 are rated 5 star.