Gawker: The New Amazon?

hustadG.pngWe came across this on Gawker yesterday — perhaps it was the “GalleyCatreference that caught our eye — and thought it was worthy of note. It’s an advertisement for How to Be Useful by Megan Hustad that appears in the form of a post (though clearly marked “advertisement”) with an excerpt of the book and a chance to win a copy, along with an author bio available “after the jump.”

Obviously Gawker has been running ads for quite some, however this was the first time we’d noticed anything quite so substantial; the fact that part of the book was included in the ad seemed to us particularly genius (at least from the POV of the author/agent/publisher…why bother hoping Gawker covers your book when you can do it yourself). Gawker informed us they’d actually been running ads of this sort for a number of weeks and that “working inspiration…is making printed volumes accessible in the digital environment.” We sort of suspect that all that’s missing now is the ability to download it straight to your Kindle.