Gannett Lays Off 700 Newspaper Employees

This is bad. Poynter just reported that Gannett is laying off 700 of its newspaper employees, which represents about two percent of the company’s workforce. In a memo to staffers, Gannett’s Bob Dickey, the head of its Publishing Division, explained that cost-cutting measures haven’t worked well enough, and that employees will be hearing about their future soon:

Publishers will notify people today and we will make every effort to reach everyone by end of day. It is important to note that these decisions do not reflect individual performance and we thank and respect those employees for their work. We will do everything we can to help them and to minimize the impact on our other employees going forward. In an effort to reduce the number of people being let go, there will be furloughs in the coming months but they will be limited only to those on the USCP corporate payroll who make over a certain salary. You will be notified by your publisher if you are among this group.

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