Fun at Work 101: Drinking Games, Chugging Contests and Office Bonding


Forget awkward birthday parties in the conference room where co-workers stand around twiddling thumbs, wondering who’s going to cut the sheet cake and how fast everyone can bolt.

New Media Strategies, an Arlington, Va.-based social media marketing firm, has a remedy to that: An annual Flip Cup tourney. This past Friday afternoon, the event was held with 10 teams participating. About 60 people played. Chugging contests ensued. No barfing reportedly occurred.

According to a source in a key post, “The guys get very into it. Lots of horsetrading.” Team names were creative. Among them, “Will Work for Beer”, “Jackasses”, “Step Cup 3D”, “Flip Off” and CEO Pete Snyder’s team: “Empire Strikes Back.”

The winners were “MFC” (stands for Mike’s Fan Club), a young group who beat the Jackasses. The win required the team to clobber the Jackasses twice in the final round with chug offs throughout. The evening ended in a game of Flip Cup survivor.

Before the games began, an e-mail went out that said: “Wear your alma mater’s T-shirt. Flex your flip cup muscles. Relive your glory days. let the trash talking begin!”


Check out the champs after the jump…

The Winners