From the FishbowlLA mailbox

FishbowlLA occasionally gets pitches from brand publicists suggesting sponsorship deals. And look, we’re no angels. If anyone ever pitches us a product that we actually thought would be of interest to our readership (you know, a mousepad with cute little pictures of fishbowls, a role-playing-game set at a major Southern California daily newspaper, that sort of thing), we’ll jump. But usually, the products are things like, well, things like wines aimed at the young adult market with slogans like ‘Unscrew it, let’s do it.’ Case in point:

To the Editor,

I’m contacting you in regards to a media partnership opportunity. We are planning a series of wine tasting events for our client, Virgin Vines, to take place nationwide from Oct-Dec. There will be approximately 9 events total for each market. I’m writing to see if FishBowl LA would like to be the media partner for the LA events.

Virgin Vines is a new brand of wine from Brown Forman distributors and mega-brand Virgin. It’s targeted at young adults age 21-29. Virgin Vines motto is, “Unscrew it, let’s do it.” (The bottle has a screw cap…) Some of our key objectives:

– Help spread the word about Virgin Vines brand wine

– Portray an image that is both hip and irreverent and which appeals to young adults.

– De-mystify the wine business and educate the consumers about what is unique and appealing about Virgin Vines

– Introduce Virgin Vines as an alternative to beer or spirits at events that

We’re asking our media partners to simply run events listings on their website in exchange for:

– sign and flyers at the venues where the tastings will take place

– media partner logo to be hosted on Virgin Vines sweepstakes page to win an iPod

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in participating.

Anna Wittel

Account Coordinator