From Gary Coleman To Clowns: Employee Morale-Building Efforts That Shouldn’t Have Happened

Love is all....“Morale-building” is one of those compound words that strikes fear into reasonable people’s hearts. It usually means that your boss is planning a potluck or ping-pong tournament, two things that never fail to piss off coworkers.

But now, from SparkMinute, a list of ten morale-building attempts that really, really crossed a line somewhere.

Where to begin? There was the ad agency that gave “Passion Points” to employees for working late…only the “Passion Points” were worth about $2.50 in company scrip. A lot cheaper than actually paying overtime! There was the CEO that decided to donate his employees’ Christmas bonus to charity so he could get a good PR opportunity. And there was the company that hired an honest to goodness clown to cheer up its staff.

And Gary Coleman, well…apparently a media buying firm hired Gary Coleman to go to the HQ of each of the firm’s clients and hand out candy canes.

“He wasn’t doing anything else but being Gary Coleman. He was super nice and friendly, and took photos with everybody.

“The whole event turned out to actually be a really good morale boosting effort. But our company had nothing to do with it. It was more of a relationship building exercise for the media buying firm.”

Tell us about your best team building exercise.