Friday Fun Time: The Design Film Festival


You may have a hard time relating to other films premiering today, but in a few weeks you’ll be able to walk out of the movie
“Art School Confidential”
saying, “Man, have I been there.”

Terry Zwigoff directs the Daniel Clowes script based on Clowes’ short graphic novel; it’s the same team behind “Ghost World.” You can buy the illustrated script and some other lovely treats (Enid doll, anyone?) at Fantagraphics.

Then, there’s “Sketches of Frank Gehry,” the Sidney Pollack documentary which premieres in NY and LA mid-May, wide soon after that. Please let there be a cameo by Brad Pitt…please.

Finally, stay tuned for Chip Kidd’s semi-autobiographical novel The Cheese Monkeys, also set in art school, which was optioned last year. Sounds like that might be the movie you’ll send your parents to when they ask, for the 1386th time, “Now, what is it you do again?”