Free Version of Gamevil’s Cartoon Wars: Gunner Hits App Store

South Korean publisher Gamevil has launched a free-to-play version of its popular iOS action game Cartoon Wars: Gunner on the App Store. Called Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ it boasts the same feature set and content as the paid version of the title released in 2009.

In Gunner+, players control a stick figure soldier named Captain J as they fight across horizontally scrolling fields packed with 30 different types of enemies. Players can move up, down, left and right on the playfield and shoot either left or right while moving. Icons allow for quick switching between three currently equipped weapons. Another set can be used to activate abilities based on the weapon currently equipped, including health regeneration and firestorms.

New weapons, up to 11, can be purchased using gold collected from defeating foes. Gold can also be used to unlock more special abilities for each weapon once they’ve been purchased. Character-based stats, such as attack and defense power, can be upgraded by spending gold, as well. The weapons’ special abilities can be activated after players have accumulated enough magic points, which are dropped at random by defeated enemies.

The game is monetized through in-app purchases of additional gold for real money. Available amounts range from 6,000 gold for $0.99 to 1.25 million gold for $99.99.

Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ is designed for iPhone and iPod touch, and is a spin-off of Gamevil’s popular Cartoon Wars strategy game franchise. The original release of Gunner, in 2009, was ranked in the top 200 iPhone games on the App Store for a time. Gunner+ has not yet appeared in the App Store’s free gaming app rankings for iPhone/iPod touch.

You can follow Cartoon Wars: Gunner+’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.

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