FP Adds Levine and Hoffman to the Roster

In an email to staff yesterday, Foreign Policy EIC Susan Glasser announced the addition of Steve Levine and David E. Hoffman to her team.

LeVine who has worked for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, BusinessWeek and Newsweek will be bringing his blog, The Oil and the Glory, to Foreign Policy. Hoffman, a longtime Washington bureau chief in Moscow and Jerusalem has joined FP as a contributing editor.

Congrats to both and check out Levine’s blog that will launch next week on FP at www.oilandglory.foreignpolicy.com.

Glasser’s announcement after the jump.

We’re thrilled to announce that Steve LeVine will be bringing himself and his terrific blog, The Oil and the Glory, to Foreign Policy. Starting next week, heÂ’ll be live on the site, reporting and writing original news and analysis about the geopolitics of energy for ForeignPolicy.com’s growing audience of international decision makers. Steve – whose blog is named after his excellent book by the same title – is a veteran journalist who came to the rich subject of oil as a Central Asia and Caucasus correspondent from the early 1990s for The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Newsweek. The former chief foreign affairs writer for BusinessWeek, he is also the author of Putin’s Labyrinth, and will teach a course on energy and security at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. From the fallout of BP’s oil spill to the many ways in which the discovery of shale gas will rearrange the world political map, Steve will take ForeignPolicy.com into a critical global conversation. As he puts it in his mission statement, “Oil and Glory looks at geopolitics through the lens of energy – a frame of reference as important as politics, war, and economics to understanding why countries behave the way they do.” His new site at www.oilandglory.foreignpolicy.com launches next week. Please join me in welcoming him in the fine tradition of bloggers Dan “the Zombies are coming” Drezner and Marc “Abu Aardvark” Lynch who’ve brought their terrific independent blogs into the Foreign Policy family…

Many of you have probably already noticed it, but we have another new contributing editor who has been adding important coverage to our site in recent weeks: David E. Hoffman. David has already ranged widely over what he’s calling “the world of threats” in his contributions to FP.com – from the tiny tactical nukes that Russia and the United States still aren’t doing much about to the hidden threat of killer Botox. David is a longtime Washington Post correspondent and editor who most recently served as the Post’s foreign editor as well as its bureau chief in Moscow and Jerusalem. He’s the author of two books, The Oligarchs, the story of the wealthy tycoons born in the breakup of the Soviet Union, and The Dead Hand, a study of the nuclear confrontation of the late Cold War which just won the Pulitzer Prize this year for nonfiction.

Both David and Steve will be around the office in the coming days and I hope you will all get a chance to welcome them…