Fox’s New Morning Show — How They’ll Cover the Stories That Mean the Most to Los Angeles

huddyjerrick.jpgFox is adding a new national morning show to its roster at 9 a.m. on Jan. 22, when it plucks Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy from FOX News Channel’s Dayside, and gives them the The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

This is a NY-based show, but both TV personalities have been reporters in L.A. in their past lives: Jerrick hosted a news show for 10 years in the 80s and raised his daughters in Pacific Palisades, while Huddy reported for KADY-TV in Ventura early in her career.

And both tell FBLA that they have a strong affinity for this fair (OK, these days, freezing) land of ours. But you can’t trust the media. So we put these talking heads to the test, asking them to riff — morning show style — on the stories that matter most to Angelenos. Here’s what they said:

Lindsay Lohan: “I would make this take as a father as two young ladies in their 20s, and I would be rooting for her. She’s got a wild family,” Jerrick says.

Huddy chimes in: “The mom, from everything I’ve heard, there doesn’t seem to be anything reigning the girl in. How is she supposed to turn out when she has mom and dad encouraging chaos?”

Jerrick: “Right.

Huddy: “When Britney Spears had a picture taken of her, holding her baby in the front seat, Mike and I were on air, dissing her. Her father called our control room, distraught. And it brought me down to reality. This is a human being. It was a wake-up call. She’s a kid.

Jerrick: “A lot television has turned young people’s lives into a sport. I hope she comes out of it well.”

Los Angeles Times/Tribune: “Too inside baseball,” Huddy says. “At the top of our show, we’ll do water cooler pop news coverage, but we’re not going to get into business, not what happened overnight in Baghdad. If it’s newsy, it’ll more the kind of stuff you’d read about in People.”

Academy Awards: “I think we’d be all over that,” Jerrick says. “We’d do a lead up to it. When we were doing rehearsals we did a mock interview, bringing three experts on and talking about who is going to win,” Huddy adds. “We won’t be Hollywood centric. We’ll be having celebrities, but a lot of our show will be the lifestyle pieces. Fashion, health, nutrition.”

Stories About Cute Dogs: “I have a chihuahua who is the cutest dog on the face of the Earth,” Huddy says. “His name is Gomez.”

“This dog,” Jerrick adds, “is 50 percent testicle.”

“My boyfriend is a host on the Animal Planet, he works with all these big cats,” Huddy says. “So when I got this little dog, he couldn’t believe it. But he’s so impressed with my dog’s anatomy.”

“I think this little Gomez dog could be the mascot of our show,” Jerrick says. “I don’t have any animals.”

“He has a large cobra,” Huddy giggles.

“I’m not touching that. My daughters always had cats. These cats always come to me, instead of them,” Jerrick says. “I had everything. I had one daughter who loved rats.”

“I think he’s gone through his two babies and two puppy phases.”

“I’ve had it all, and now I have Juliet. I have my little ferret.