Fox’s Baier: Special Report‘s “A Job Of A Lifetime”

Fox Special Report anchor Bret Baier tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a profile about his still fairly new gig– “It’s a job of a lifetime for a guy like me who loves politics and being in the middle of things.”

On ratings: “I did interviews before [Barack] Obama came into office, and they believed the new presidency would be the death knell for Fox News,” Baier said. “But that hasn’t happened at all. I couldn’t be happier where we are.”

On Glenn Beck and other Fox News TV newsers: “I respect the commentary folks,” he said. “They’re doing gangbusters. My job is different.”

And for a guy who’s “not comfortable being the story,” Baier’s certainly out there– WaPo‘s Style section and Better Home & Gardens in the past month.

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