Four Tips to Stand Out at Online Job Fairs

at signYou know the drill as you prep for a job fair. Look the part, dress the part, act the part.

When you’re preparing for an online job fair though the same rules don’t always apply. Yes, you need to be articulate and present yourself in the best light but when you’re not exactly sporting a suit and able to read body language, other cues take front seat.

Per our friends at Brazen Careerist, there are a few pointers to keep in mind…

1. Dive in when the chat begins. Introduce yourself right away! There’s no need to wait or to hesitate. For instance, at one of their events, text-based chat sessions only last for about eight minutes. That’s not a lot of time but if you introduce yourself at the start, you can quickly build rapport with others.

2. Prepare ahead of time. Yes, this is similar to brick and mortar career fairs and your preparation should entail your succinct elevator pitch. The piece points out, “Three sentences or so about you, your experience and your goals should do the trick. That will keep you from spending the first few minutes thinking about how to best introduce yourself, and help you put your best foot forward right from the beginning.”

3. Got sunshine? Your positive attitude has the power to shine through the online world! Let it. Even when the other person receiving your texts isn’t able to physically see you smile, they’ll get a sense for your attitude. For starters, instead of complaining about your job or your boss, frame those situations into positive aspects you’ll hope to find in your next job opportunity.

4. Avoid casual abbreviations. This may be hard to resist but please don’t succumb to the platform by thinking it’s extremely casual. Avoid abbreviations such as LOL and ROFL. The piece suggests, “Put your most professional foot forward, just like you’d do in person, and you’ll be far more likely to hear from those hiring managers down the line.”