Four Media Jobs Make Forbes ‘Most Surprising Six-Figure Jobs’ List

moneyWe’re often reporting about the doom and gloom of newspapers, much to our chagrin, but as for today’s news? Things are lookin’ up!

According to this post on Forbes, there are several media-related jobs on the “America’s Most Surprising Six-Figure Income List” that may surprise you!

Let’s check it out, shall we? For starters, broadcast news analysts earn a mean salary of $84,710 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Top earnings rake in as much as $186,260. As for the best paying state? Florida.

Now let’s switch gears to writers and authors. The mean annual salary to prepare scripts, stories, advertisements and other material is $69,250. The top 10 percent earners pull in $117,050 on average per year.

As for art directors who design concepts and create presentations for visual communications media, their mean annual income is $96,650. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 10 percent annual income is $169,450 on average.

Moving right along, multimedia artists and animators create special effects, animation or other visual images as they use film, video, computers or other electronic tools and media. Their mean annual income is $72,400 and their top 10 percent of annual income on average is $118,890.