Former Time Inc. Staffer To Launch “My Little O”

mylittleow.jpg Our sister blog MediaJobsDaily has stifled a laugh to bring us news of a new local news network with a name that suggests something more than just local interest stories.

The new online venture is the brainchild of former Time Inc. staffer Michael Locke, who was laid off by the media conglomerate in November after a decade of service. The site will have a tight focus on Locke’s Brooklyn neighborhood Fort Greene/Clinton Hill.

So what’s this new Web site’s questionable title? “My Little O.”

As MediaJobsDaily reports:

“Locke says he’s starting small in order that My Little O will successfully penetrate (oh god) the community. Also part of My Little O (ha) are advertising/marketing firm Solveris, as well as a team of freelancers, who are all presumably trying to make My Little O….bigger.”

Laid-Off Time Inc. Staffer Launches Unfortunately Named News Network