Former Manager Cranking It Up at CNN

Two years ago, Meredith Artley (pictured) left her post as LA Times online managing editor for a gig in Atlanta with It’s been going well, just as it did here and previously with the New York Times.

Per an interview with Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman, Artley says she is getting ready to go after a big fish in the U.S. Internet traffic pond. Not Fox News; not MSNBC; but rather, Yahoo. Artley says one weapon of choice will be a range of new blogs:

The blogs’ subjects are: education, race and identity in America, the cultural and social aspects of technology, and technology in terms of innovation. “The common thread is that these are topics that people are passionate about,” she explained…

“Opinion is the fastest-growing section on our site. It has grown 55% year-over-year, and it’s the part of the site that social media refers to most of all.“

Last month, Yahoo had 81 million unique visitors to CNN’s 72 million. Friedman applauds Artley’s candor as an interview subject. Among her current frustrations is what she deems a lack of respect from mainstream media for the strength of’s commentators.