Foreign Policy Invades Kindle with New eBook

Foreign Policy (FP) announced yesterday the publication’s first leap into the wild, new world of eBooks.  Both a brand-building exercise and experiment with new revenue channels, the publication if offering their real-time book  “Revolution in the Arab World” through the Kindle bookstore and via their website for $4.99. 

FP EIC Susan Glasser, who co-edited the eBook, says the idea is to “help readers understand the upheaval in the Mideast – as it’s happening.”

Glasser’s co-editors for “Revolution in the Arab World” were FP managing editor Blake Hounshell and George Washington University professor Marc Lynch, the co-editor of The Mideast Channel on  There are contributions from authors ranging from noted Egyptian writers Issandr El Amrani and Ashraf Khalil to bestselling authors such as Robert Kaplan and leading U.S. policy experts like Aaron David Miller.

We’re told FP hopes to sell 10,000 copies of their 217-page publication.   To get the news, views and insight into the upheaval in the Arab world as it’s happening, check out FP’s “Revolution in the Arab World” on Kindle here or on here.