Five Ways to be Amazing at Your Job

Amazing. That word has a lot of weight, doesn’t it? Outstanding. Incredible. Out of this world!

Well, if you want to hit the ball out of the park each and every day, there are a few ways you, too can be oh-so-amazing.

According to a post on Inc., there are several things you can do. And it’s not just to get promoted or with an end goal in sight of a fatter pay check. Instead, you should strive for this level of excellence while detaching from the outcome. The results may be even far reaching than you would have imagined in the first place.

1. Learn all aspects of the business enthusiastically. Are you hungry? Really hungry to dig right in? As per the piece, it’s important to understand the big picture and that you’re a piece to the puzzle in a newsroom, PR company, whatever the case may be. Look to not only make a positive impact on other areas of your company but figure out how the other areas impact you as well.

2. Steward the company. Why not treat the company as if you owned it? Hey, you never know, you may become the owner someday. Why not dream big? And while you’re at it, keep the company’s bottom line in mind.

3. Resolve issues before they become issues. Got that? Instead of the mentality if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, maybe a procedure could be fine tuned? Maybe there’s a better, smarter, more efficient way of doing something. Not only can you identify it, you can devise a solution, too.

4. Grow yourself and others. If you think it may be challenging enough nourishing your own career, you’re not alone. It can be done though and it can certainly be done well. As mentioned in the piece, amazing employees find a way to inspire others around them, too.

Kevin Daum writes in the piece, “These employees lead by example in how to advance without creating animosity or resentment. They see and create their perfect future, and also bring others along.”