FishbowlNY Goes to Gracie, or, If It’s Internet Week Where are all the Bloggers?

100_2393.JPGThose of you who follow our twitter (we all have one, by the way) will know that FishbowlNY went to Gracie Mansion last night to hobnob with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a reception to kick off Internet Week New York. Gracie Mansion, for those of you who have never been there (up until last night this included us), is really far away on the very upper east of the Upper East Side.

As many of you may know, the Mayor doesn’t actually live there having opted to stay in his brownstone on E 79th St (and really, who can blame him). Point being we arrived late, and only heard the Mayor’s closing remarks before he left to accept a fashion award at points elsewhere. What remained was a roomful of suits, and a lot of people whose name tags contained the words “Corp.” or “LLC.” Minus a few exceptions, our intrepid leader Laurel Touby being one of them, there was not a familiar interneter in sight. Then again perhaps these were the people who actually pay for, you know, the desperate rest of us. Anyway, what we gleaned was that New York loves its media, media people love New York, Google has an office here and lots of teachers want to work here, too. Yay for New York. Also, the Mayor served tubs of french fries, we don’t feel that the genius of this can be stressed enough. Some pics after the jump.


Laurel Touby with the head of marketing for the Museum of the Moving Image


Caroline Waxler, Daily Candy’s Catherine Levene and Jerome Sletteland


Where we assume the Mayor would eat dinner if he actually lived at Gracie Mansion.