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Quotes of the Day

How Do I Make it About Me?

(Washington culture at its finest: To make it even more about you, Politico‘s Mike Allen is calling for readers to share their Koch experiences with him. He writes, HOW’D HE DO? If you had a personal encounter with Mayor Koch that illuminates his life and style, please send it to, and we’ll share it tomorrow.)

Premeditated critique

“The Jeff Toobin piece on why sex with underage Dominican prostitutes doesn’t matter practically writes itself, no?” — Daily Caller columnist Mickey Kaus on CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Tubin.

The Smart Ass

“Umm, pretty thoroughly?” — Politico‘s John Bresnahan in response to this question from Gerrit Lansing, Digital Director of the NRCC: “How would Politico cover getting hacked by Chinese hackers?”

One of life’s little f–k you’s

“You know that thing where you block someone because they’re just negative and miserable but they show up in your timeline anyway? That.” — Joy Reid, writer for the Miami Herald, MSNBC Contributor, managing editor for

Birthday wishes for deceased Editor

“Happy birthday @AndrewBreitbart. Miss you, buddy.” — Ellen Carmichael, Capitol Hill flack and former campaign spokeswoman for Herman Cain.

Politico Playbook publish time: 9:15 a.m.


“BuzzFeed starts looking for a business editor, and then [Ben White] @morningmoneyben gets signed to a 2-yr contract at Politico.” — The Guardian‘s Heidi Moore, who links to this story in Business Insider.

Journo contemplates unusual eating binge. See our newly elected FishbowlDC Fan Club Board.

Cuisine failure: “I am about to eat my way through this CVS #pharmacywoes” — Lisa Rowan, vintage clothing blogger.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“What do you call that ‘no traffic, no security line, flight on time’ feeling?” — FNC “The Five’s” Dana Perino.

FishbowlDC Fan Club Board

President: Slate‘s Dave Weigel

VP of impromptu FBDC board meetings: WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten

International tweeting consultant: Politico‘s Jonathan Martin

Nutrition specialist: HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins

Spiritual guidance counselor: Essence and theGrio Columnist Sophia Nelson

 Velour outerwear advisor: Ex-RHOD stylist Paul Wharton

Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.