Fishbowl Flashback: Ms. Magazine and the Feminists Who Didn’t Know How to Spell

feminisim.jpgPanopticist Andrew Hearst casts his all-seeing gaze backward, to the May/June 1996 issue of Ms. and what he calls “the most embarrassing copyediting error I’ve ever seen.” He’s talking about the glaring misspelling of “Feminism” in the cover line.

Why are we sharing this with you? Well, for one, you don’t have it: the image is a Panopticist internet exclusive and you can’t even find the issue anymore. But more importantly, it provides a lovely hook by which to mention this: Fox’s Bill O’Reilly getting smacked by a school in Plano, Texas for falsely claiming that the school refuses to allow students to wear green and red because they are “Christmas colors.”

There may be a War on Christmas (severed heads don’t lie!), but this school ain’t part of it and they think O’Reilly ought to fact-check a little more stringently (Regret The Error cites a more egregious on-air gaffe by Fox wherein reporter John Loftaserroneously claimed that the residents of a specific Chicago home were terrorists. Nice. No harassment there!). In any case, the moral of the story: whatever stupid mistake you make today, it will live on ten years from now when some jerk finally posts about it on his blog.