Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Thought You Ought to Know…)

Santorum’s wife cries a lot: Karen Santorum is a pure loyalist to her husband, Rick. Earlier in the week, NJ‘s Naureen Kahn wrote about Karen’s weeping on the campaign trail as it pertains to people bashing her husband for bashing gays. “‘Rick doesn’t hate anyone,'” Karen said of gays. “‘He loves them. What he has simply said is marriage shouldn’t happen’ between them.” Mrs. Santorum broke in tears as she spoke of gay activists vilifying her hubby (who has, ahem, compared being gay to bestiality). From the story: “It was a really hard time,” she said, breaking into tears. “We weren’t expecting it. We had lost a baby so that’s all I could think about–I can’t go through his again. I was very angry. “

WaPo‘s Rubin on CNN King’s reputation: WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin, who writes the “Right Turn” blog, says tonight’s CNN debate is a chance for John King to redeem himself. In June she called him the “worst moderator in the history of televised debates.” We’ll see if he redeems himself (in her eyes) tonight. Read here.

The Rev runs into Paparazzi at Reagan Airport: MSNBC’s Sharpton is one smooth operator when it comes to dealing with the pap. On Monday he was confronted with goofy questions while walking through the airport. “I’m back in the area and just wanted to send you this video of Al Sharpton at Reagan National Airport after leaving MLK memorial,” Colin Drummond, of Celebrity Q and A, wrote FBDC. Drummond asked if Michael Jackson ought to be memorialized. He also asked, “If Jesus were alive, what would he drive?” (Jesus would walk, says the Rev.)