Christian Post Has All the Tim Howard Angles Covered

TimHowardChuckHagelWikipediaDid you hear about the petition asking that D.C.’s National airport be renamed in honor of Team USA’s goalkeeper? Did you read that funny tweet from Washington Free Beacon staff writer Lachlan Markay about 35-year-old Tim Howard‘s two-years-older Jesus-like qualities?

If not, point your browser over to New York-based Christian Post reporter Leonardo Blair’s rousing summary of the initial stages of Tim Howard mania:

For a moment Tuesday, someone changed the Wikipedia entry for Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and replaced him with Howard and fans loved it.

Blair ends his piece with a pivotal quote given by Howard in 2006 to Campus Crusade for Christ. The remark is a fitting close for an article about a believer who made us all yesterday believers that the American side could upset the offensively stacked Belgian squad.

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