FBLA Q&A with Orange Coast Mag’s New Editor

orangecoast.jpgOrange Coast Magazine boasts that its readers have more money, power and beauty than other people’s magazines. It now also has Paul Sterman, a SoCal-Boy-turned-Bay-Area-Guy-turn-SoCal-Boy-again.

Some men are born great, some have greatness thrusted upon them, and some men are freelance writers given editorships when their former editor takes a leave of absence. DeAnna George is on leave, but will return to do some editing around her old haunt. In her place, though is seasoned reporter and nice fella Sterman who answered some of FBLA’s dumb questions:

Q: What’s your vision for the magazine?
A: For me, it’s hard to talk about the specifics. I’ve been learning a lot so far, and I hope to keep learning.

Q: Ruth Ko went from being publisher to owning the magazine in an afternoon, and here you are going from freelance writer to Editor. Does Orange Coast win the award for Best Place To Move Ahead?

A: Yeah. I feel really happy to have this job. I mean, I don’t want to leave the impression that I don’t have much experience or that I’m not qualified. I’ve worked in journalism for nearly 15 years, including writing and editing for the Oakland Tribune. And while this is my first full-time job at a magazine, I’ve written for several magazines. Also, I worked as an assistant features editor for a time at the Oakland Tribune — and really enjoyed it.

I think because I freelanced for Orange Coast, they were able to get to know me and know my work. Still — I know how tough the journalism job market is, and particularly how difficult it is to land an editor’s position at a magazine, so, like I said before, I feel very happy to have this job.