Fast Company Gets to the Heart of Oven Design


We don’t do a lot of oven design coverage here at UnBeige because, well, it’s oven design coverage and why would you? Unless you work for a trade magazine, say, “Oven Design Monthly,” no matter what you tell us otherwise, really there isn’t any possible reason. So it’s as surprising to us as it will be to you that, this very day, we’re doing oven design coverage. By way of Tropist, we found this interesting piece over at Fast Company about the whole start to finish product design, by a firm we really like, Frog, of their creation of the Turbochef 30″ Double-Wall Speedcook Oven. We know what you’re thinking because we thought it was a weird thing to look at too, but once you get into the short slideshow you’ll be thinking, “Huh, this isn’t too bad.” You might even start thinking, “I wonder if I still have that free business subscription card to Oven Design Monthly.” It is only then that you’ll realize that you’ve taken this whole thing way, way too far. Weirdo.