Fashion And Lifestyle Magazine First Quarter Progress Reports Are In

As readers prepare for the release of March fashion and lifestyle magazines, now is the time to assess how these titles performed in the first quarter.  Amy Wicks of WWD provided the rundown of which mag’s page counts rose and fell and the numbers go a long way in revealing the current health of each publication.  The winners and losers are outlined below.

People StyleWatch witnessed the largest gains — 46.5 percent to 197 pages

Vogue grew 10.6 percent in the first quarter to 619 pages

Elle recorded a 14.3 percent improvement to 517 pages

Women’s Health was up 11.7 percent to 117.5 pages

InStyle raised its pages by 10.9 percent to 489.5

Allure showed a 7.5 percent increase to 231.2 pages

W boosted their pages by 6.5 percent to 267

Essence elevated their page count 6 percent to 282

Glamour‘s 292.6 pages marked a 5.5 percent increase

Marie Claire was even this quarter with 259 pages

Town & Country was flat as well wit 211.6 pages

Lucky dropped 14.3 percent to 204.1 pages

Self declined 12.6 percent to 178 pages

Cosmopolitan witnessed a 12.5 percent decrease to 252.4 pages

Harper’s Bazaar fell off by 11.6 percent to 368.9

Shape decreased their page count by 7.5 percent to 269.6

Fitness lowered their page number by 6.7 percent to 222

Health diminished by 5.5 percent to 193 pages

O: The Oprah Magazine dropped 4.2 percent to 283 pages