Facebook seeks computer vision engineers for ‘next generation products’

buildFacebook this week added a job listing for a Software Engineer, Computer Vision to join a team working on the social network’s “next generation products.”

Computer vision is a field that involves electronically processing and understanding images. It can be applied to a range of industries and tasks, but most obviously for Facebook, it could help the company organize the massive amount of photos and videos users share by recognizing what is within those images. If Facebook could better understand the contents of a photo or video, that could improve News Feed relevancy algorithms, help users search and find media on the platform, and open up new possibilities for Sponsored Stories or ways to monetize Instagram.

This is an important area for Facebook, which has so much potential data to unlock from the more than 240 billion photos users have uploaded — and continue to add at a rate of 350 million per day. Facebook’s acquisition of facial recognition technology company Face.com last year was a start.

The computer vision software engineer job description says:

“We’re opening new positions seeking world-class experts for a full-time job in Menlo Park, to join our engineering team in developing our next generation products and related technologies. We’re working on problems in a number of areas that include cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning technology, with scalability issues related to dealing with huge amounts of data and a rapidly increasing user population.”

Facebook added 28 other new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of openings on the communications and sales teams.

New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

  • Software Engineer, Computer Vision (Menlo Park)
  • Front End Engineer, Seattle (Seattle)
  • Partner Engineer, Gaming (London)
  • Compensation & Commissions, Administrator (Menlo Park)
  • Administrative Assistant, Search (Menlo Park)
  • Associate Manager, Public Policy (Washington)
  • Consumer Content Manager (New York)
  • Manager, Corporate Communications (Consumer) (New York – Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Global Consumer Communications (New York – Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Public Policy, EMEA (London)
  • Systems Engineer, Citrix (Menlo Park)
  • Recruiter, APAC (Contract) (Sydney)
  • Recruiter (London)
  • Recruitment Coordinator – Fixed-term Contract (Menlo Park)
  • Systems Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • Decision Support Analyst (Menlo Park)
  • Content Strategist, Global Vertical Marketing (6 month contract) (Menlo Park)
  • Senior Strategist (London)
  • Account Manager, Travel (Menlo Park)
  • Mobile Partnerships Program Manager (Hong Kong – Singapore – Menlo Park)
  • Strategic Partner Development – News/TV (New York)
  • Media Solutions, German (Dublin)
  • Media Solutions, Sydney (Australia) (Sydney)
  • Strategic Partner Development Lead, Mobile Gaming (Menlo Park)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Mobile Gaming (Menlo Park)
  • Ad Operations Specialist (Dublin)
  • Head of Agency (Sydney)
  • Sales Manager (São Paulo)
  • Client Partner, Politics (Washington)