Facebook opens site to third-party applications

Note: Facebook links require password

Facebook, once the restricted online social network for college students, opened its doors a few moths ago to anyone with an e-mail address. Recently, Facebook also extended its API to developers who have in turn created third-party applications that users can incorporate into their Facebook pages. The applications range from the useful myTV, which allows users to search YouTube from Facebook, or Daily Bible Scripture which, you guessed it, gives the user a daily Bible scripture. A cursory search shows the Daily Show and Bill O’Reilly have already jumped on the Facebook bandwagon, but there is not much in the way of media organizations.

Facebook is the 6th most popular Web 2.0 application behind #2 MySpace and #1 YouTube, according to Movers 2.0. Still at more than 30 million users it contains a possible untapped source of new readers or viewers that may gravitate toward your content.

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at Mashable’s 30+ Awesome Applications for Facebook. Also check out the Application Developer Series which matches businesses with Facebook developers who will “see your ideas come to life.”

Still not ready to take a leap? Try making a Facebook group that will allow users to subscribe to your content and get regular updates at their leisure.