Facebook Lets Users Remove Imported Contact Information

Most people use Facebook to connect with friends, including long-lost ones, and the company’s contact importing tool has been a key way to help them do so. Users can import address books from their phones, or email and instant message services. Beyond having the option to invite these friends to Facebook, directly, the company also puts this information into its “Phonebook” and uses it to provide more relevant friend suggestions to users and their Facebook friends.

But sometimes users find particular friend suggestions to be a bit odd. Maybe they see a suggestion for someone they don’t know — or know but don’t want to be friends with.

If you’re a Facebook user seeing unwanted Phonebook contacts or friend suggestions, one option that Facebook has provided for awhile (albeit a bit obscurely) is for you to delete your imported contacts.

But first, be sure to note the consequences. If you use Phonebook to make calls to Facebook friends from a mobile device, removing imported contacts may remove some friends’ phone numbers if you imported contacts from your phone. If you’ve been liking the friend suggestions tool, well, you’re about to make it less relevant to you. That’s not all. Facebook uses your imported contacts to try to make more relevant suggestions to your existing Facebook friends, so deleting your imports may make the feature less valuable for them, too.

All that said, here’s what to do: Go to this page, called “Remove Imported Contacts” and click on the “Remove” button. In order to get all the imported contacts out of your Facebook mobile app, though, you’ll also need to delete that data directly from the device.