Facebook Job Listings: Hong Kong Mobile Manager, Developer Advocate, University Recruiter, and More

The Facebook Careers Page had a few job listings this week that highlight different parts of its growth strategy. One is a mobile manager position that will help the company expand its presence on devices, another is a developer advocate spot that builds in its past developer outreach efforts, and a third is a manager position to organize a “high volume” university campus recruiting drive.

The Partner Development Manager of Mobile in Hong Kong is set to help Facebook develop strategic mobile relationships in Asia. This person must identify and manage new strategic partnerships to grow Facebook’s Asia userbase, focusing particularly on mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform providers and Asian mobile developers. The Hong Kong mobile manager will also represent Facebook at mobile functions and travel about 30% of the time. Some context on Facebook’s latest mobile efforts: Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg recently said there’s no “Facebook Phone” coming but the company has been busy offering a variety of mobile native apps, web apps, and other tight integrations. We and others have heard it’s looking at operating system-level integrations.

Over on the platform side, Facebook is hiring for a position called Developer Advocate — distinct from other platform engineering and marketing positions it has had to date, and building on other recent expansions. It recently brought in Doug Purdy, who held a similar title among others during a long career at Microsoft. Over the past year or so it has made a new effort to simplify and clarify developer policies and documentation, and explain upcoming changes. There have been bumps, and this latest position is a continuation of its Platform investment. The particulars from the listing:

  • As a Developer Advocate at Facebook you will be responsible for broadening the adoption of the Facebook Platform with software developers
  • This is a highly technical role. You will both write code and speak with the most innovative engineers inside and outside of Facebook every day. You will be responsible for our outreach to third-party developers, particularly with the startup community
  • You will represent Facebook at developer conferences, events, and with the technical press/bloggers. You will write code samples, articles and tutorials for developers highlighting the power of the Facebook Platform
  • Most importantly, you will advocate for the needs of the developer community within Facebook itself, working closely with the product and engineering teams to determine features and strategy
  • Our goal is to make Facebook an essential platform for developers with you leading the way.

A few other interesting listings popped up recently as well.

Expect to see Facebook hitting campus job fairs more this coming as it’s looking for a University Recruiting Manager to manage “a team of recruiters to execute all campus recruiting activities for high volume fulltime and intern hiring.”

Facebook is also seeking a Monetization Analytics Lead to be based in Palo Alto, Calif. This senior analyst will focus on the “marketplace advertising business” to provide product and engineering teams analysis of customer usage to guide Facebook into the future. Ultimately this analyst will be responsible for recommending product/positioning changes based on user/advertiser behavior and is expected to have an advanced mathematics-related degree.

There was also a position for Marketing Communications Analyst based out of Palo Alto. This person is set to help Facebook work with sales, marketing and product teams to develop marketing and analyze programs for global brands. Another marketing position, that of Marketing Strategist, will be based out of the same offices and will similarly work on “creating marketing solutions on a global and long-term scale for the Global Customer Marketing team.” This person will help be innovative with branding for global marketers.

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