Facebook introduces new security features for protecting accounts through mobile devices

Facebook today announced new security features for mobile devices, allowing users to confirm logins made from new devices, report unwanted content from their mobile feed, and more easily recover compromised accounts.

The social network updated its login approvals process to make it easier for Android users to authorize logins that are made on new devices. With the new “Code Generator,” users will be able to receive login approval codes from their Facebook app rather than having to wait for a text message. This is an improvement over the previous system, which didn’t work if a user did not have cellular or Internet access. Android users can turn on Code Generator here. Facebook says it is working to bring this functionality to other devices.

Users of Facebook’s touch-enabled mobile site will now be able to hide or report content from News Feed. This is done by tapping the feedback icon beneath a story and tapping the icon in the upper right hand corner. Facebook says it is working to bring this feature to native mobile apps as well.

The social network has also brought its account recovery tool, which was previously only available on desktop, to mobile devices. Users can review unauthorized logins, reset their password, and take other actions to regain control of their accounts from their phones. See Facebook’s note here for more details.