Facebook Games Dashboard Now Features Sponsored Advertisements

facebook-credits-logo[1] When browsing the Facebook Games Dashboard yesterday, I came across an advertisement prompting me to collect 5 free Facebook Credits (that’s worth $0.50) for playing Hello City. The ad appeared in a box that’s usually reserved for messages from Facebook itself, and the clickthrough must be very high on this type of advertisement/promotion. I take a look at the ad and the emerging Facebook Credits below.

I’ve been outspoken about the potential for Facebook Credits as a standard for web currency. The only problem with previous currencies have been the level of trust between consumers, sellers and the currency and the difficulty to use the currency. Facebook Credits solves both of these pretty well, with Facebook being a trusted and known entity to over 450 million people on the web, and Facebook’s integration with payment vendors allowing for a one or two click purchase.


There’s no better place to see this in action than by looking at this advertisement for Hello City, demonstrating an in game character holding a large Facebook gold coin, the logo for Facebook Credits. The title of the ad is “Earn 5 Free Facebook Credits” and is most importantly situated in a box that looks like the one shown when Facebook makes updates. This is clearly a coveted spot for games makers, and with a deal like that it’s a no brainer for someone to join the game.

It looks like Facebook, while having hurt some game developers with the removal of notifications, is thinking about ways to help developers after all.