Facebook App Center Coming | Brain Surgery Live-Tweeted | iPhone App for Google+ Redesigned

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Facebook is Getting its Own App Store for All Devices, All Platforms, All Prices (VentureBeat)
Facebook is launching a new App Center, “a place to find social web, desktop, and mobile apps” — and not just Facebook apps. The App Center will bring Facebook’s 900 million users all the best in iOS apps, Android apps, web apps, mobile web apps and even desktops apps. Facebook Developer Blog Many developers have been successful with in-app purchases, but to support more types of apps on Facebook.com, we will give developers the option to offer paid apps. This is a simple-to-implement payment feature that lets people pay a flat fee to use an app on Facebook.com. CNET The challenge, for a platform like Facebook, is that it has to build a store on top of other existing stores. It is especially tricky to build on top of the Apple App store, which remains the only legitimate channel for users to get apps onto iOS devices. AllThingsD Ironically, on Wednesday, the company submitted another amendment to its S-1 filing to the SEC, further outlining its weaknesses in the mobile realm. The company’s daily active users has grown fast over the past year. But the corresponding number of ads delivered isn’t matching the pace of the daily-active-user growth. CNN Money Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg won’t be the only one collecting billions from Facebook’s initial public offering: Uncle Sam and the state of California are also poised to cash in big. Tax collectors will be taking a giant bite out of the paper millions that thousands of Facebook employees will soon gain. The average tax hit: $1.1 million per employee.

Brain Surgery Goes Live on Twitter (Storify)
On Wednesday, neurosurgeon Dr. Dong Kim gave an inside look into the operating room of an unnamed 21-year-old girl during brain surgery with a live Twittercast @houstonhospital. One of the tweets reads, “WARNING: The contents of this #brain #surgery may be GRAPHIC in NATURE.” Daily Mail Beginning at 8.30 a.m EST, approximately 14 million people from Mexico to Australia followed the brain resection as Kim removed a benign tumor from the posterior right temporal lobe. Interaction with the public during the surgery was provided by Dr. Scott Shepard, a neurosurgeon with Mischer Neuroscience Institute at Memorial Hermann in Houston. Yahoo! News Late last month, the National Zoo live-tweeted the artificial insemination of a giant panda, providing a startlingly vivid play-by-play of the procedure.

Google+ iPhone App Gets Major Redesign, Android Update Coming With ‘Extra Surprises’ (The Verge)
Google+ received a major facelift last month, and now the service has been completely re-imagined for mobile phones. The most striking change is, when looking at a stream of posts from your various circles, each post takes up most of the screen, with any imagery contained in the post taking up nearly the full screen.

SoundCloud Gets a Major Makeover, but Only Private Beta Users Can See it — For Now (TechCrunch)
SoundCloud, which not long ago raised a $50 million funding round led by Kleiner Perkins, officially pulled back the curtains on its new interface Wednesday in San Francisco, Calif. Here’s the thing though — chances are you can’t see it yet, as it’s only open to users in their private beta.

Ustream Suffers Outage After Attack Targeting Russian Protester (PC Magazine)
Live-streaming service Ustream Wednesday was offline for approximately 10 hours thanks to a denial-of-service attack that executives believe targeted broadcasts of political protests in Russia. In response, Ustream launched a Russian version of Ustream.

Bitly Data Shows the Best Times to Post Links to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (The Poynter Institute)
Bitly, the URL shortener of choice for most people, has analyzed its click-tracking data to find the optimal days and times for posting links to social media. The results show interesting, distinct patterns among Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Brands Hope for Happy Mother’s Day on Facebook (AllFacebook)
In case you’ve forgotten (and you don’t want to do that), Mother’s Day is this Sunday. And brands including 1-800-Flowers, Procter & Gamble and Zales have taken to Facebook for marketing campaigns tied to the holiday. AllFacebook Just in time for Mother’s Day, a study from audience research and targeting company Crowd Science suggests that your mom may be more active on Facebook than you think. According to a poll of mothers conducted between March 14 and April 9, one-half have friended their children on Facebook, one-quarter have friended their parents on Facebook, and 80 percent share photos, videos, music and links online.

Social TV Moves Beyond Promotional Role, Becomes Content in Own Right (AdAge)
Social TV could ultimately revive appointment viewing after years of DVR dominance. Social activity during TV’s prime time has skyrocketed 193 percent since just last year, said Mark Ghuneim, CEO and founder of Wiredset and Trendrr.

Social Media Hasn’t Killed the Newsletter Star (Contently)
Newsletters are an excellent resource for delivering content and deals directly to the list’s recipients, and can easily be tied in with social media. Consumers “named email newsletters and notifications as their third-favorite means of discovering what a merchant had to offer, behind a direct visit to a company’s website (in which case you’ve likely already earned the consumer’s loyalty) and print materials (which are considerably more expensive to produce and send),” a recent survey revealed, according to ITworld‘s Angela West.