F*** It, I Forgive You

Hey, when you’re new to the working world, you can get real nervous. We know.

Candidates on their first job interview out of college, or at their first job, don’t always know how to behave. Sometimes that translates to nervousness.

I was recruiting for a large company, [writes Kerry Sandberg Scott at Clue Wagon] and they had a very defined recruiting process, which included a list of behavior-based questions I was supposed to ask each candidate. She had been doing great so far, and the interview was going well. Apparently I’d been a little too successful in making her comfortable and building rapport, thought, because when I asked the last question (“Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a co-worker”) she laughed and said:

“Oh, people know not to f__k with me.”

And then she froze.

And you could see the realization slowly cross her face. It was painful to watch.

Kerry, we appreciate what you did next: “I decided to leave this out of my interview notes. This was a 21-year-old who had very little experience in job interviews…She turned out to be an excellent employee.”

Since it’s Friday, we’re drawing a parallel to Jenny Slate and her slip-up on SNL (not work safe thanks to the f-bomb):

We’re trying to resist drawing morals from this, but here’s one minor lesson: when you’re starting out, go on as many interviews as you are asked to do, even if you’re not sure you want the job. For one thing, it’ll help with the nervousness thing; for another, the job may turn out to be something way more awesome than it was described to you.