Executives Talk After the Big Money Does Its Work: More on the Attik Sale


Going back to a story from yesterday about the big sale of Attik to Dentsu America, it looks like the eggs have all been put into the like-minded basket and executives from both sides are speaking about the sale. You can find the whole press release here (PDF). A little bit:

“When ATTIK initiated discussions with Dentsu America, we viewed it as a brilliant business decision for their agency, which has built a solid reputation on ground-breaking
creative for 20 years and wants to continue to grow exponentially,” said Tim Andree, Chief Executive Officer of Dentsu America, Inc. “With Dentsu, the world’s largest agency brand, ATTIK will attain that growth. We at Dentsu America stand to gain from ATTIK’s impressive creative credentials, plus its leadership position in digital and alternative media and its deep understanding of the Gen Y demographic.”

Meanwhile, there’s been even more discussion floating around about the purchase, including this story in AdAge, “Dentsu Pays Big for More Toyota Business,” about the very hefty bag of cash Dentsu used to swing Attik over to their side.