Even the President Outsources Social Media Event Promotion

Looks like President Obama is experiencing what we like to call “American Idol Syndrome.”

Everyone’s aware of his upcoming State of the Union speech; they may have watched it religiously in the past because it was part of every “water-cooler conversation” and most prefer to be in the know even if they agree that there will never be another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood or even a Clay Aiken.

Now, though? It’s still true that everyone with a job in media or politics will be watching Obama’s State of the Union address, but with so many options for viewing and streaming all sorts of niche content as well as variations on the main event (did we mention that three different Republicans will give responses this year?), it’s easier than ever to tune out and watch something else. Details via Bloomberg:

Will social media help Obama earn more eyes at 9 PM on Tuesday? Color us skeptical.

It’ll probably resemble the latest Dancing with the Stars as the average viewer shrugs and thinks “didn’t I just see something almost exactly like this a few months ago?”

Hey, we hope we’re wrong!

Now here’s chief White House spokesperson Jay Carney trying to raise public awareness by offering a little glimpse #InsideSOTU:

It’s a good idea for a campaign, yet even though the White House and its occupant have more social followers than pretty much anyone else, the splintering of all media guarantees that audiences will quickly lose interest and turn to either something more dynamic or a new, re-dressed version of the same old ball and chain.

Just ask American Idol, aka The Voice before The Voice was the voice.