Essential multimedia tutorials and resources for do-it-yourself training

The funny thing about the new wave of journalism is that news organizations are requiring journalists to learn additional technical skills, but aren’t making the necessary training readily available. In order to be or remain employed in this industry its essential to hunker down and learn some new skills.

The following tutorial sites will take you from journalist to multimedia journalist, something that looks great on any business card.

Knight Digital Media Center

Available tutorials: Video, Audio, Photography, Web design, Flash, Multimedia storytelling, Mashups; Cost: free


Available tutorials: Web design, Video, Audio, Graphic Design, SWiSHmax, Blogging, Photography, Databases; Cost: free

News University

Available tutorials: Assorted journalism fundamentals, as well as multimedia storytelling and social networking

Teaching Online Journalism/Mindy McAdams

Available tutorials: A wide variety, including online tools and multimedia software; Cost: free

Media College

Available tutorials: Video, Audio, Photography, Graphic design, Web design, Various software (Flash, Photoshop, etc.); Cost: free

Available tutorials: Pretty much everything under the sun, from software to online tools; Cost: $25 monthly/$250 annual membership

BBC Training & Development

Available tutorials: HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Audio editing and recording and more; Cost: Varies


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Available tutorials: Photoshop, CSS, Illustrator, Flash, JQuery, Web design; Cost: Free

Common Craft

A series of short explanatory videos that focused on making complex technical concepts ideas easier to understand. Covers everything from wikis to RSS to social media to social bookmarking

Tutorial Today

Available tutorials: Photoshop, Flash, CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP and more; Cost: free

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