EPA/DOT Rolls Out Two New Designs for Fuel Economy Stickers


For those having to face the unfortunate task of going to a car dealership in the new future to buy a new automobile, you might have a few seconds spared from the impossibly dull and endless process by looking at the nifty new designs for the fuel economy labels stuck there on the windows. The Environmental Protection Agency, along with the Department of Transportation, have rolled out two new designs for the signs, which indicate the fuel efficiency of a particular make and model. Our favorite, Label Option 1, features a big, bold letter, showing off the ranking the car receives on a scale from A to D, hybrid to SUV/sports car respectively. Label Option 2 looks fairly similar to what’s out there now, though cleaned up and looking much nicer than before. Both agencies are looking for public input before they put either into mass circulation, so if you feel strongly either way, here’s your chance to be a true patriot.