Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Zombies, Pirates & Captain America Rise Over the Weekend

Many new titles have worked their way up the top paid iOS app lists, most of which have been games. Of the titles, the driving forces behind the growth have been varied ranging from related films and events, to creative absurdity, to sheer quality. Additionally, some of the top iPhone apps today also made appearances last week on both the top free and top grossing charts.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Zombie GunshipZombie Gunship — With a title like Zombie Gunship, how could users not notice today’s #2 paid iPhone title? Taking the zombie apocalypse to an aerial perspective, players attempt to save what few survivors remain in the world by playing gunner in an AC-130 aircraft. Players bombard undead in a manner similar in respect to the aerial gunner mission in the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Unlike this example, however, players can upgrade their AC-130 and expedite it with in-app purchases of virtual currency (the game also runs $0.99). The developer behind the title is Limbic Software, a small independent mobile developer on the iOS platform best known for their title, TowerMadness; which is noted to have been downloaded over 6 million times. Zombie Gunship was released July 21st.

Stickman BMX — Released July 18, Stickman BMX has already done well on the top free charts with its, well, free version, but now it hits #3 on the top paid iPhone apps list as well. Currently on sale for $0.99, the game is a side-scrolling, physics-based platformer, in which players perform stunts on a BMX bike as they navigate a foray of obstacles in an over-the-top selection of environments. Credited to Australian casual and mobile games developer Traction Games, Stickman BMX also monetizes through in-app purchases for new rides (e.g. a skateboard instead of a bike), level unlocks, and an extra racing game mode.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty — With the release and success of its movie counterpart, Captain America: The First Avenger, this past Friday, it’s not surprising to see Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty do well on iPhone as well. Currently at #16 on iPhone and #11 on iPad, this official game from long-running comic book company Marvel Entertainment, and grants players control of the World War II hero as they try to stop Red Skull with a beat’um-up style of play. As it stands, the July 14th-released game is marked down to $0.99 as a promotion coinciding with the film’s release.

BlobsterBlobster — In at #19 is another title that began rising last week: Blobster. Appearing on the top grossing charts before, the game is a somewhat bizarre platformer in which players avoid traps and pitfalls by actually flicking their amorphous character from point to point. Released July 15th, the $0.99 game is created by EA division, Chillingo. Chillingo is also noted as an independent games publisher and developer out of the United Kingdom.

Pocket Academy — The last highlighted iPhone app today was released June 29th and is called Pocket Academy. Marked down 50 percent to $1.99, the simulation game allows players to create and run their own school using a retro-style of visual. The game is credited to a company by the name of Kairosoft, an iOS and Android games developer out of Japan.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Sid Meier's PiratesSid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad — The new #1 paid iPad application is one with a bit of a legacy, Sid Meier’s Pirates! Tremendously addictive, the new game (released July 21st, which is also when it hit #2 on the top paid charts) is an iPad remake of the original 1987 game from game designer Sid Meier. An open-ended simulation sort of title, players live the life of a pirate of the Caribbean sea in the 1600’s. With minimal linearity, users can play the game in anyway they desire, building up fleets, hunting other pirates, pillaging ships and port towns, or simply earning their keep through trade.  The game costs $6.99 and is developed by 2K Games, a core games developer and publisher headquartered in Novato, California and has had its hands in the creation of many well known games such as Civilization V, Bioshock, and Borderlands.

ArtRage — Moving down to #12 is an older application called ArtRage. Last updated June 6th, the app is best described as a painting simulation. Rather than being a more typical digital painting app, ArtRage emulates traditional techniques allowing users to blend colors on a palette, utilize painting tools, and even change styles based on the canvas or wetness of the brush. The entertainment app is credited to a group by the name of Ambient Design, but is linked to a company dubbed ArtRage as well, a New Zealand-based outfit who creates several artistic programs for both iPad and home computers. Currently, the app is marked down to $0.99 as a Comic-Con promotion, but usually runs $6.99.

Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition for iPad — International game-making corporation Electronic Arts hosts the next highlighted iPad title this week. Noted to be on sale for $3.99, the new Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition is still the same board game of Monopoly players have come to know and love, but now allows them to buy up properties from around the globe. Moreover, the iPad version allows players to with friends via WiFi or Bluetooth. Released on July 14th, the game is now ranked at #20.

ComicBookComicBook! — The #23 app is also slightly dated: ComicBook! Last updated July 8th, the app is actually a photography title that allows users to take photos and stylize them into a comic book format using various filters, comic-style fonts, and even captions and word bubbles. Costing $1.99, the title has likely risen due to its feature as an Apple highlighted app of the week. As for its developer, ComicBook! is made by 3DTOPO, an apparent pair of individuals — Jeshua Lacock and Oliver Wolfson — who actually hosts several iOS titles centric to photography.

Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race — The last app to note today is a digital book, Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race.  With several Cars 2 apps having done well already, Cars 2 Grand Prix is no exception, ranking in at #25. Using images from the movie, the July 20th-released app is an interactive story in which users work through an original story, customizing their own Grand Prix team, before racing against Lightning McQueen and others in a final race. Its creator is noted as Disney Publisher Worldwide Applications, a branch of Disney focused on making digital storybooks for the iOS platform.