Elvis Mitchell: Out of Sight, Still in Earshot

Some of you will think this is good news. Some of you will think it’s bad. According to the New York Observer, Elvis Mitchell will probably be continuing his on-air KCRW presence even now that he’s settled permanently-ish in New York. Writes Jake Brooks:

Currently, neither a spokesman for NPR, where Mr. Mitchell continues to do reviews on Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, nor Ruth Seymour, the program director at KCRW, the Santa Monica-based radio station where he hosts a half-hour-long interview show called The Treatment, know if he plans to stay on. But they are counting on it.

“I hope so,” said Ms. Seymour, speaking over the phone from her office. “The people who been with us a long time? These people are like family.” And since his program doesn’t involve film reviews and his interview subjects are outside the film industry, she doesn’t see a potential conflict of interest. Either way, she asserts that Mr. Mitchell will never pander. “He has a purity of vision,” said Ms. Seymour. “He’s not going to say something that he doesn’t believe.”

‘The Treatment’ isn’t about the film industry? From yesterday’s program description on the KCRW website:

Elvis Mitchell talks to actress Annette Bening (The Grifters, Bugsy, American Beauty) who is nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in Being Julia.