The Variety Show Continues at THR

As one former Variety staffer joins the morphing Hollywood Reporter, so leaves another: it was announced today by THR that editor Elizabeth Guider is departing the trade publication for personal reasons. Hopefully, on her way out the revolving door, Guider will have the chance to say hi-bye to new incoming chief film critic Todd McCarthy.

Via brief, boiler plate item on its website this morning, THR indicates that Guider “will continue to contribute” in a way that is more commensurate with her book writing efforts and trips to visit out-of-state relatives. Whether that means angry letters to the (new) editor about her severance package or something else at this point remains unclear.

These are tough times for the Hollywood trades, and to Janice Min’s credit (pictured at left), she is boldly going where no trade has gone before: it’s going to be glossy, it’s going to be weekly, and any old guard who can’t abide by the new rules are welcome to “step down.” Personally, I can’t help thinking of a live TV variety show when reading about the latest developments at the house that Robert Dowling built. I imagine Min decked out to the nines, informing viewers one moment that a new guest has just materialized in the form of McCarthy, and soon thereafter that previously scheduled visitor Guider has been – a la Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel – bumped because of regrettable time constraints.

Will there be a Late Shift-style HBO movie about these historic THR rumblings in a year or two? Probably not. But right now, I would put it at about even-odds that Beverly Hills Courier columnist George Christy is going to be offered his old job back. Hooray for Hollywood (Reporter)?