Edmunds.com Staff Drool Over Cars Many of Them Can, Surprisingly, Afford

In honor of reaching the level of 50,000 “likes” on Facebook, the gang at Santa Monica headquartered automotive industry trendsetter Edmunds.com has shared some of their individual picks for the car they would buy for around $50,000. And here’s the kicker; we’re told more than a few of the 400 or so people employed by this firm can actually afford the monthly payments.

Editorial director Ed Hellwig favors a Hyundai Genesis R-spec, while features editor Mike Magrath thinks a Corvette would fit the bill. As is the case with all picks, there is also in each case an alternate choice anchored to the more affordable reader level of a $25,000 MSRP list.

FishbowlLA was particularly taken by the entry from the company’s media relations specialist Pamela Morris. In true westside PR style, she goes bigger than any of her mates, salivating over an $80,000 Porsche.

With these 50,000 likes, Edmunds.com says it is the “most liked independent automotive site” on Facebook. We’re guessing someone is due for a raise that can inch them closer to the $100,000 car bracket.