Editor & Publisher Goes to Press for Possible Last Time?

Yesterday, at 2 p.m., we shipped the possibly final issue of Editor & Publisher from our office here at Astor Place in New York City.

For the record, it is the January 2010 issue, so we made it into our 126th year, at least.

As many know, we got our inexplicable closing notice from The Nielsen Co. on December 10, which was met by outrage, thousands of supportive messages and even an unlikely place on the Twitter trending list.

Staffers decided to stay on to finish that issue and keep our Web site going—Steve Outing’s farewell column about to go up—until the end of the year in hopes of encouraging outside help and bids for a takeover.

Indeed, there has been a lot of interest but no firm news to report as yet. We are scheduled to vacate and shut down for good by the end of Thursday if nothing materializes, though, of course, E&P could always be brought back a bit later, or online only.

You can still reach staffers at our office emails. See below for all of them, plus home emails. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your backing and kinds words.

E&P’s publisher, Charles McKeown, can be reached at:


Editor Greg Mitchell:


Other editorial staff members can still be emailed at:


Home emails:

Greg Mitchell: Epic1934@aol.com
Shawn Moynihan: smoynihan224@yahoo.com
Joe Strupp: JoeStrupp@aol.com
Jennifer Saba: jensaba@gmail.com
Mark Fitzgerald: fitzbeat@yahoo.com
Jim Rosenberg: alanstilli@yahoo.com
Reiko Matsuo: reikomatsuo@comcast.net
Charles McKeown: svea123@computer.net
Betsy Maloney: maloney.betsy1@gmail.com