eBuddy Mobile Messenger – Chat With Your MSN, Yahoo, AIM Friends Using Mobile Phone

I bet that even greatest chatters don’t spend all day by computer – things like school and work is stealing they time to chat with friends. Now maybe you have alternative – eBuddy has released mobile phone version for their famous multi platform instant messenger client. Now if you are using MSN, Yahoo, AIM messengers you can still chat with your friends without sitting by computer.

eBuddy mobile messenger

eBuddy have 2 versions for mobile phones – first is eBuddy application that you must download and install on your phone. It gives you maximum number of features that eBuddy is offering. Second version of this client you can run on your mobile phone browser – it has only basic features, but you don’t need to download and install anything.

Mobile version of eBuddy have large number of supported mobile phones and I don’t think that you will experience any difficulties to install or run it.