EBay Launches Web Mag, The Inside Source

ebay.jpgWell there’s an idea: If you aren’t already a print magazine, why bother getting into that whole terrible market? Instead, create an online magazine focused at a digital product…something Wired might have thought to do if Conde Digital could support it.

And with that, eBay launches The Inside Source, “for inspired shoppers featuring insights and stories based on what more than 89 million active users are searching for, buying and selling on eBay.” And you don’t just have to be a journalist to join: Some of eBay’s biggest customers will also get articles.

Could The Inside Source compete with say, Lucky magazine, the Conde Nast title all about shopping? Sure, and the comparison even invites competition, especially in the ad sales department. Since The Inside Source is only digital and is focused on a specific demographic of online shoppers, the magazine may have better luck with ad buyers, who will be looking for a niche to promote their online store or products. Sure, it won’t be the thousand dollar Betsey Johnson ads that you can find in Lucky, but considering Conde’s recent woes, you might not be able to find those thousand dollars ads in that magazine, either.

What’s more, The Inside Source’s editorial team is lead by Melanie Barnett, a former Lucky editor who previously served as director of Digital Media for Lifetime Digital. With a former insider leading the way and a fresh idea for advertisers, Lucky should watch its back.