Early Morning Whining With Weigel at Dulles

This morning Slate‘s Dave Weigel (D-Gargling) had an ordeal with toothpaste at Washington Dulles International Airport. The powers that be confiscated toothpaste from him, causing him to fuss, “Once again, my plot to destroy western civilization with 4 oz of toothpaste has been thwarted. Compromise: When throwing out toothpaste, TSA agents should at least be required to say ‘This is so dumb, right? I’m plotting a mutiny.'”

Aside from toothpaste, at approximately 5 a.m. Weigel expelled a deluge of thoughts about LinkedIn, TSA, Slate‘s less than stellar email system and eavesdropping. The eavesdropping portion of his thoughts  involved “meeting techniques” and eye contact and King Blinker had a a few opinions. “Last time I took a 6 am plane, the folks behind me loudly talked about proper meeting techniques (eye contact!) the whole time,” he wrote on Twitter. “This time? I actually learned a lot the last time. Turns out eye contact is a better idea than frantically looking away and sweating.”

From the Weigel Complaint Dept.: 1. “Oh yay more escalators to carry baggage on!!!!!! #Dulles” 2. “Fact: In the year 2011, Slate office email fills up and becomes locked for use at 620 megs.” 3. “‘Reminder to Join X on LinkedIn’ is a good way of remembering not to be friends with that person.” 4. “Dulles. #fail”

Is this what happens when Weigel wakes up too early and ingests too much caffeine? One reader remarked, “Sorry man, but is this davewhiner or daveweigel?” To which he replied, “Indistinguishable in airports.”

Bon Voyage Weigel!

UPDATE: He’s on his way to Aspen for the week. And here’s one last potential DW complaint: “Assuming plane landing gear works and my brain doesn’t explode from umbrage, will be in Aspen for Ideas Festival til Thursday.”