‘Dungeons Of Dredmor’ Won’t Run on Any Computer Haunted by the Vengeful Spirit of Steve Jobs

One game developer decided to have a little fun this week with the release of their latest expansion pack. Dungeons Of Dredmor is a highly popular game in the rogue-like genre, and this past week the developers released a free expansion. It’s the middle of E3, so there’s a good chance no one would have noticed the release, so they decided to have some fun.

First, the expansion has no name (buyers get to name their copy), which is itself somewhat amusing. But the developers also hid a couple jokes in the hardware requirements. For example, if you wish to play this on OSX you’ll need to make sure that you:

Do not install game in any computer haunted by the vengeful spirit of Steve Jobs. It still walks the earth, thirsting for blood.

The expansion pack is also incompatible with the Apple Lisa (FYI: this was released 20 years ago).